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Town of Luxemburg, WI

Luxemburg is a town on the western border of Kewaunee County. The population in 2021 was estimated to be 1,529. We are approximately 15 minutes away from the city of Green Bay, Door County and Lake Michigan. The town has a total area of 34.0 square miles, all of it land.



View the current Town of Luxemburg meeting agenda.

The Town has wonderful garbage and recycling pickup. We have noticed a lot of junk flying around. Items that are placed in the garbage bin need to be put in plastic garbage bags. Let’s do our part to keep our town neat and friendly.


Next Town Meeting

Wednesday, July 24th

Burning of garbage, grass, buildings, etc is prohibited in the Town of Luxemburg without a permit. You must call the Town Chair.  See Burning Permit under Permit Forms.

*Shooting fireworks requires a permit. Call the Town Chair for a free fireworks permit.


View the fees and license structure of the Town of Luxemburg.

Link to Bay Lakes stating Town of Luxemburg ordinances

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